It was great fun putting this scent range together. I selected this range on the basis that our sense of smell is EXTREMELY powerful, so I understand some senses are indulgent to you, and others are simply too much. 

So this range - albeit smaller than most candle companies - has been carefully selected so that there is something for everyone! 

Champagne & Berries // It's hard to go past this beauty! Combining raspberries & strawberries with notes of champagne & roses, this scent is delightfully sweet and lots of fun. 

How you might enjoy this scent - Imagine sitting with friends outside at the table with afternoon tea. This scent sets the scene for a afternoon of laughs, fun, and great girlfriend or couples chats!

Fern Leaf Peonies // A beautiful, gentle floral scent full of peony petals, rose and star jasmine. The most refreshing, crisp. floral scent you will come across!

How you might enjoy this scent - When you're right in the midst of cleaning the bathroom, you're tired and perhaps it doesn't have that explicit 'clean' smell we all appreciate, Fern Leaf Peonies will remind very quickly that you that you have worked hard, your bathroom smells incredibly fresh because of it, and now looks it too!

Lime & Coconut // Take me to the tropics! A classic fusion of fresh coconut and lime. This isn't a classic combo for no reason!

How you might enjoy this scent - It's been a looong few hours in the kitchen, from mains, to dessert prep, the kitchen is overflowing with so many scents your nose is going into overdrive! When all is said and done, let this candle burn for a few hours and I guarantee your kitchen will smell beautiful in no time!

Native Wildflowers & Honey // This fragrance is a collection of native floral scents with sweet rose and honey balsam. Gentle and warm!

How you might enjoy this scent - It's Sunday afternoon, you've popped the kettle on, and the kids are managing to play quietly. Find a good book, or scroll on your phone, and retreat with this cosy beauty.

Orange & Peach Blossom // A fresh mix of fruits and florals, combining orange & bergamot, with peach and musk. Refreshingly delicious!

How you might enjoy this scent - One of the best scents for lifting the mood in a space. Imagine people walking into your home and in the entryway they are met with this beautiful, fresh, sweet-floral fragrance. They'll know they're in for a great time, and they'll probably commend you on the scent too! 

Pear & Spiced Vanilla // Otherwise known as "French Pear", this fragrance is a combination of fresh pear with vanilla, with hints of cinnamon, orange and coconut. 

How you might enjoy this scent - I'm not usually one for spiced candles but I fell in love with this one, even more-so after putting the diffuser in our bedroom! I walk in after a long day and get this warm, spiced, toasty scent which just screams: "Time to kick off those shoes and get ready for a cosy blanket and a good bed!"

Wild Lemongrass // This scent is created with the fresh scent of lemongrass & lemon verbena, with a lovely base of cedarwood and musk. A personal favourite!

How you might enjoy this scent - If you have a guest bedroom - look no further than this! No one likes to sleep in a musky bedroom that feels untouched in a year. It's not too sweet, not too spiced, just the perfect blend which is often loved by all!



Lychee & Guava Sorbet // Sweet, vibrant and fresh with lychee fruit and mixed with berries and a burst of guava sorbet, lime peel and vanilla.

Orange & Vanilla // Fresh meets warm with this moreish scent of sweet orange mixed with silky and smooth Tahitian vanilla. DELISH!

Brandy Vanilla Snaps // This fragrance will fill your home with just that - fresh brandy snaps. With ingredients such as all spice, ginger and vanilla, and infused with cardamon, nutmeg and orange essential oils, this is sure to be a wintry crowd pleaser!

Tigerlily Blossom // A rich floral scent of tigerlily with patchouli, and musk, with a touch of fresh melon and a hint of pineapple.