Pear & Spiced Vanilla

$26.00 AUD - $37.00 AUD

I'm not usually one for spiced candles but I fell in love with this one, even more-so after putting the diffuser in our bedroom! I walk in after a long day and get this warm, spiced, toasty scent which just screams: "Time to kick off those shoes and get ready for a cosy blanket and a good bed!"

SCENT DEETS // Otherwise known as "French Pear", this fragrance is a combination of fresh pear with vanilla, with hints of cinnamon, orange and coconut. Perfect with your choice red wine!

This lovely scent is available for purchase in the following jars. Please note estimated burn times below (if the candle is cared for correctly).

Small Classic Jar // Burn time = 33 hours
Large Classic Jar // Burn time = 50 hours

Your Classic Candle is presented in a clear glass jar and sealed with a timber lid. Your Large Classic Jar contains 2 wicks, for a stunning double burn.

All my candles are individually made with love from my home to yours in Ballarat, Victoria, and are created using 100% natural cotton wicks and 100% natural soy wax.

** Picture features my SMALL candle.