Meet Tanya

Hey! It's Tan (on Instagram!)

Hi! I'm Tanya (affectionately known as 'Tan')- wife to my awesome husband Shane and mother to 2 beautiful sons Oliver and Nicholas. Before Ollie and Nicky were born I was working as a paediatric occupational therapist, so there's always been opportunities to exercise creativity...but not like this! 

Candle-making started in September 2014...stemming from a love of candles, and the realisation that LIFE MOVES QUICKLY, with little opportunity to stop and take a break.

This realisation that I wasn't taking time out for myself gave birth to the concept of Simple Retreat. That feeling as you rush around the house, feeling the impact of kids, or people coming over, or the place is a mess and you simply want it tidy before getting to bed, then suddenly - BOOM! You are hit with the beautiful scent of a candle or diffuser, and you find yourself pausing, taking a breath, and pursuing a moment of rest, a 'simple retreat' before continuing.

It is this Simple Retreat that I hope to create for you or your loved ones, through each and every product I have to offer you.

Hence...the "CALM-in-your-CHAOS candles"! 

I have made everything by hand, with a lot of love in our Ballarat home. I've discovered through my stats that I've made over 3000 candles in 4 years, so I can guarantee you - I am well practiced and everything is done very carefully, and very well - so your feedback - positive or constructive, is ALWAYS really helpful!

I hope you have a moment to have a look at the different things I have to offer you.

I can't wait to help you create your own, very important, simple retreats!

Tanya x.